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Matt Serra vs. Georges St. Pierre 2 – UFC 83 Video

Matt Serra vs. Georges St. Pierre 2 – UFC 83 Video

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26 Responses to “Matt Serra vs. Georges St. Pierre 2 – UFC 83 Video”

  1. domination

  2. yeah, you can def. tell who wanted it more!

  3. Man that was a bullcrap,no way the ref should have stoped the fight.Also it makes me sick to see how before the fight the UFC has been building up st.pierre as if he was the champ.I think the interm belt was and is crap.I always have been a fan of the UFC but f them for treating GSP like the champ before the fight,Matt Serra was FU*KED big time.Its ok now to call gsp champ he beat Serra but i can see now how they wanted gsp to win.Even if i did not want Serra to win the fight i would still think its crap for them to treat the a UFC CHAMP the way they did Matt Serra.I bet they would not give Serra a chance at a interm belt if gsp had to wait a month or two for his back to heel.Gsp had to pull out of the first Serra fight why did they not do a interm bout then?

  4. St. pierre has the best MMA style in the UFC


    First off the reason the ufc did that is because serra is a bitch and wont stop running his gay ass mouth and it doesnt show that you have been a ufc fan for a while because the ufc has a right to make whoever they want look good expecially when he kicks someones ass like that so next time think about it. What i have a problem with is KIMBO SCLICE when are they going to get someone good in there for him to fight. I grew up watching TANK ABOTT fight and that was not Tank that night they need a real fighter in there and he wont do so well. Then BROCK LESNAR why is he getting paid so much just to get his pussy ass kicked. Its not fair for all the real ufc fighters he made more than most of them will ever make in 1 fight for losing.

  6. agress with all you just said…

  7. Dana has a bad heart. Joe Rogan is making watching the UFC almost unbearable.
    Strike Force on ESPN at least has somewhat normal, commentary… from people who know something about not bullshitting, and commentating on what is going on, without resorting to some unknowledgable formula.
    How you could put those commentators on UFC is an abomination… and for anybody who knows anything about the real stuff involved, it becomes not only hard to stomach, but hard to hold back from tracking the commentators down and destroying them… slowly… …

  8. Joe Rogan teaches martial arts and has been training his whole life in multiple different forms of martial arts. There could not be a more educated and perfect match for the job. Looks like you are the only one who not knowledgable.

  9. To R. KEEGAN

    I understand the fact that they made GSP seem like the champ…but you need to understand that they needed to hype up the fight as much as possible…and regardless, GSP is a REAL champ…not some big mouth New Yorker running his mouth and ”trying” to fight…Matt Serra got lucky the first time against GSP…come on…Serra is a washed up, blownup lightweight that never should of won the reality show in the first place…GSP is an amazing athlete and will have an amazing career in UFC…on the other hand, Matt Serra is done…

  10. I agree. GSP has the best fighting style in the UFC. I’m not a big fan of the ground game, not because it’s ineffective, only because it’s boring as hell. But you can really see how GSP used it to dictate the pace of the fight and wear Serra out. GSP is known for his striking so this must have been quite a surprise to Serra who obviously had no answer for GSP’s near effortless takedowns. GSP is turning out to be one of the most well rounded fighters in the UFC. Extremely quick, tactical, diverse and with unparalleled conditioning. Definately one of the most exciting to watch in the UFC.

  11. Matt Serra will come back better than ever. Keegan your a punk and Serra would obliterate your ass.

  12. Khan…first of all earn your name…Joe Rogan has been a martial artists his entire life and he knows what he is talking about. He is a brown belt in BJJ. He does a good and accurate job at comentating. so, piss off.

    next…Keegan. The ref definately should have stopped the fight, Serra wasn’t doing anything to answer GSP’s attacks, except getting hit. And, fyi, the rule is if your not intelligently defending yourself the ref has to call the fight. serra has problems with the intelligence part to begin with so…

    And El, Matt Serra will not come back better than ever, sorry, no chance. But i agree, he could definately take Keegan, hands down (which you may noticed he tried to do against GSP and it didn’t work).

    Lastly, GSP is my favorite fighter in UFC (you can’t argue that). You can try to argue that he’s not the best, but then you’d just be wrong.

  13. That was an awesome fight. GSP really played it smart and knew that Serra wouldn’t have an answer to his take downs and stand-up. GSP is probably my favorite UFC fighter now, because of that fight. But let’s not count Matt Serra out just yet. Just because he lost, doesn’t mean he’s a shitty fighter. The guy has strong punches and is pretty good on the ground. Remember, he still has a fight with Matt Hughes coming up. To be honest, I think Serra could definitely take Matt Hughes.

  14. I think it would be awsome to see GSP move up in weight and fight silva… that would be a real fight.

  15. now that serra is no longer the champion maybe it would be great to see dana set him up against hughes. its always exciting to see two guys who hates each other fight it out in the octagon.

  16. GSP is pound for pound for pound the best fighter in MMA. I would like to see matt hughes fight Serra also but think it would be pretty one sided Matt ground game is better than GSP so only one outcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. GSP is the man, I felt hella bad for him last year. This is what we should have seen last year. Go GSP!

  18. Georges is gonna be up there for a while. A fight I’d really wanna see is St. Pierre vs. Jon Fitch

    And my response to Kublai Khan…..WTF are you talking about?

  19. I don’t think you can say Hughes ground game is better than GSP’s anymore.

  20. cool fight

  21. GSP owned that fight he is amazing, he controlled the pace of that whole fight !

  22. i agree what florian said gsp all his does is confuse the fuck out of people, he did taht for koscheck, hughes and now serra
    i think now all those fighters ive named should see that now
    and hopefully when jon fitch faces him he’ll prepare for that stupid confusion shit gsp does
    any money if kos, hughes or serra faces gsp again i think theyd have a wayy better chance at beating gsp

  23. thats bullshit lets see a third fight on netural turf I can’t stand st.peepee

  24. Come on! GSP won it fair and square. All the GSP haters should just chill the fuck out.

  25. GSP is just the best

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