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Street Fight Video: Don Frye vs Sonny Westbrook

Street Fight Video: Don Frye vs Sonny Westbrook

UFC Legendary fighter Don Frye battles it out in a hotel lobby with boxer Sonny Westbrook (Leland Chapman aka Dog the Bounty Hunter’s son’s bodyguard – wow that’s a long one). You can actually see Leland in the beginning of this flick.. anyway.. Apparently Sonny was popping some stuff about professional wrestling which pissed a drunk Don Frye off. Apparently this video footage is one piece of the action that ensued. From the various stories that are going around the Internet, Frye additionally did some damage to Sonny, although not included in this footage. –

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29 Responses to “Street Fight Video: Don Frye vs Sonny Westbrook”

  1. Was that don getting busted up there?

  2. yup and thats my uncle sonny

  3. “THE PREDATOR” is still A “BADMAN” and why does a bounty hunter need a bodyguard? can you say sucker punch sonny or maybe ground and pound?

  4. Too bad couldnt see the other part of this on video Don dropping BOMBS!!!!!!!!! after single leg take down and mount [OUCH] sorry to rain on sonnys fan club parade

  5. Sonny westbrook is a homo, I would love to see him in an MMA ring, he would get his fat ass thumped

  6. Chriss…..I got money you wouldn’t say that to his face. Come to the Big Island, Kona side, see if you still talkin like that you fag.

  7. This is halarious. Any day, any place, any time, Don Frye will knock this little bitch out. I know some bad men and I know you fight more than half as good as you would when your sober. Frye is gonna kill this Punta!

    Turn out the lights the partys over!!!!!!! LOL!

  8. sonny will knock his lights out! don frye is one big fo naughten faget!…Sonny da SAMOAN…will put Don HAOLE Frye 2 SLEEP

  9. Don Frye is a world class MMA fighter. Im thinking he would put hands on some fat bodyguard.

  10. i have known and worked with Sonny for 20 years we were bouncers together. he will kick Frye’s ass every time they meet..i also believe that anyone of Sonny’s brothers (10 of them) can kick his ass too.

  11. Sure looks like to me that FRYE got his HOMO ASS RODCKED by 1 good ol HAWAIIAN STYLE broke your ass BRUDDAH!

  12. steve botoinskl and fag chrissy come over here to the islands so we can kick your homo asses too!

  13. Frye was drunk as hell when this shit happened. Anyone could have kicked his ass with that level of intoxication.
    Don Frye was a professional boxer, college wrestler, and is a legendary mixed martial artist. Sonny on the other hand is a fat bodyguard who better hope he never runs into Frye when he’s sober. I would love to see Frye kick the living shit out of Sonny’s spam eating fat ass in the ring.

  14. What a joke – Frye should make a point of beating that fat bitch into a pulp in a televised event.

    What is with these ignorant hawaiians all excited that their fat hero sucker punch a drunk man. Good one guys! Learn how to spell!

    Frye would tear that bitch apart, he is a serious fighter. Sonny is a fat boxer, not a fighter.

  15. A sober Don Frye would absolutely murder this fat pretender! I’ve read several times that after this video, a still intoxicated Frye found Sonny again, took his ass to the ground, and proceeded to rain down bombs on him like it was Shock & Awe II!!

    Don Frye would eat this guy up, end of discussion!

  16. if u are to talk about this bouncer being a great fighter, what is he doing being a bodyguard. I’m sure he could make a better living IF he were half as good as some guys here r claiming. I’d like to see him in the ring (even against old, beat up Don Frye). The guy got lucky by meeting Don when he was drunk. Otherwise, he’d have his fat ass handed to him.

  17. Don did find him and kick his ass just a little bit later, but hawaiians got all butt hurt over it, so they didn’t post the rest of the video. Frye will eat that fat ass and his family if it came down to it.

  18. all hawaiians are really gay mexicans deported from mexico

  19. You idiots!
    Don Frye will kill this guy!
    You can see he was kidna pushing him away oh yea and he was drunk!
    Put them in a ring Frye will Total this loser.
    There is like 10 guys helping out this Sonny guy…so stupid.
    Go in the ring Sonny….YOU DONT HAVE THE BALLS!

  20. they dont call don tha predator for no reason he will hunt his family an fuck them up too. an why does leeland have a body gaurd what a pussy . i thought he was tough . an this sony guy ur stupid mother fucker.take it to tha ring pussy when he is sober.leeland an sonny pussies ??????????? YUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I Like Frye but all u fucken lames Making excuses for him sound fucken stupid. I dont know to much about Sonny just what I seen on T.V.and from what i seen he didnt talk alot of shit and people like that can usually kick ass. And from what I saw he BEAT THE SHIT out of Frye. So stop the sorry ass excuses if theres more to the tape post it or SHUT THE FUCK UP. Frye got knocked the fuck out. Ya if he was beating the shit out of three guys drunk it would have been cool shit but since he got his ass kick by one guy oh all of sudden it not fair. SHUT UP BITCHES!

  22. Oh ya by the way Frye was on inside MMA about a month ago and he was talking how bad he was cause he can drink and fight and this was way after this incident. Fuck the ring real men are made on the street were do u think all the fighters now started stupid. On the streets its a fight in the ring its a sport.

  23. Hey Mr. “Slick”(May 6) & Other Crybabies
    Don Frye maybe a MMA legend, but on the videotape, Sonny ” The Throwin’ Samoan” Westbrook knocked him flat on his ass!!! It was 1-ON-1 DRUNK OR NOT!!! I respect Don Frye. But, all you crybabies should know that Sonny was a multiple Hawaii State Golden Gloves Boxing Champion and a US Regional AAU/ Golden Gloves winner as well. The guy is no pushover! Oh by the way, if you don’t know the Samoan culture, let me leave you with this thought: …To be foretold is to be forewarned…mess with one samoan – you mess with the entire samoan clan! FA’A SAMOA!!!
    Oh yeah, Mr. Slick, about your blog regarding your take on Hawaiians. Why do you say that Hawaiians are gay mexicans deported from mexico? Did you hit on some girl from Hawaii and she turned you flat down? So you then decided to cross the border into Tijuana, offered money for sex from a hooker and demanded to do it “doggy style”. But to your surprise, the hooker turned you around, bent you over, then proceeded to FUCK YOU up the ass! She’s a he! RUN FOR THE BORDER……VIVA ZAPATA!!!!!!! ASSHOLE!

  24. To all those who are speaking on behalf of Mr. Frye? Please, no more excuses for some American Samoan who is alot older than so called don frye to get knocked the fuck out! If you did have video concerning don fryes comeback, Please post it! STOP! I guess you don’t? I do Know Sonny, personally, and He is a very Humble individual! For Mr. Frye to have gotten knocked the fuck out, He must be an arrogant ASSHOLE to have pushed Sonny to do what so many have been affraid to do so in the past! We are very humble people! Our culture is all about RESPECT! And Mr. Frye was a very dis respectful being! And to all you dingalings who are his so called peers who sit in the background and say shit, they don’t know nothing about! Speak on your behalf! And yes, his brothers would have done the same as well!! There is a saying? “Be careful of what you ask for, you just might get it?”
    Much alofa, to Sonny and aiga!!!

  25. Frye was hammered! (As the information dictates)… I don’t know about you, but tryin’ to slug it out while hammed certainly isn’t easy. I’d be curious to see a sober Frye (much like the one who K.O’ed muscle freak Bryan Pardoe in EIGHT SECONDS) take this dude on, you’d see a much different result. Plus, Frye’s old now, give him a break. Don in his prime…. Run.

  26. From what I observed, another guy jumped between them and that’s when Sonny was able to sucker punch him over/through the man standing between them. Take that guy out of the way and just let the two of them go at it, and I am afraid that Sonnny would look like some of Kimbo’s victims on most of his videos.

  27. I saw the video and replayed it back and forth. It starts out with the boxer Sonny who appeared to be stepping in with a right jab, which Don disrupts with a right leg kick, or sweep to Sonny’s right foot or ankle, to knock him off balance-which he does successfully (Don appears to be trying to trip him up to stop him from advancing; so-far all moves look defensive). Then while Don is using his left hand to keep Sonny at a distance (either to gauge for a punch or keep him back until others can control him) someone (may be Leland) gets in between Don and Sonny who is holding or pushing Don back on his right shoulder/arm, and this is where I think Sonny catches him. Sonny throws a straight left or hook, which might have made contact with Don, causing him to be stunned, while Sonny simultaneously follows with a flurry of combos. Don stumbles back and falls backwards. As Sonny is advancing towards Don and seems to be getting ready to throw some more punches while Don is hitting the floor (not knocked out, but instead stunned). Everyone rushes in to pull them apart, at the same time Don has Sonny’s left leg and is ready to take Sonny down, while someone is telling “Sonny he’s out!” Which is bologna. If Don is out who is grabbing Sonny’s left leg? I saw Sonny hopping on his right foot while Don has his left leg, in the middle of a single leg takedown, but people are pulling him off. I am certain if that fight were not interrupted, it would have looked a lot differently. Sonny hasn’t got anything that Don hasn’t seen before. Besides…I thought the question: who would win in a fight between a boxer and a mixed martial artist/wrestler or Jujitsu fighter was settled long ago?!

  28. Update:
    Don Frye was on Carson’s Corner and when he was asked about the incident, he didn’t know there was a fight until he saw it on You Tube. He said he was intoxicated and on medication. Here is a link to Carson’s Corner.

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