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Quinton Jackson vs. Lyoto Machida – UFC 123

Quinton Jackson vs. Lyoto Machida – UFC 123

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54 Responses to “Quinton Jackson vs. Lyoto Machida – UFC 123”

  1. I love Rampage but he in no way won that fight….. He won because Dana makes a lot of money and gets a lot of promotional advertizing from Quinton, its a disgrase. Machida did everything right and even Quinton believes that he lost the fight, come on UFC dont start acting like the smaller promotions and blatantly cheat people out of a hard won victory’s…..

  2. Ok, this was an obvious victory of Machida. The UFC is NOT FOR REAL FIGHTERS – but for performers. They wanted Jackson’s public persona to get more money for promotion deals. Looks like Machida was paid to hold back. He was ready to clobber the palooka.

  3. Yup I agree alioto, its a ****** disgrase…

  4. Rampage has clearly lost the fight but Dana keep saying that Machida has lost the fight. Round 1 and 3 to Machida , In a rematch you will see a different Machida.

  5. I like both fighters, but great win for Rampage. He definitely had octagon control, took the center most of the time, and attacking all 3 rounds, got rounds 1 & 2. Machida maybe got the 3rd, but I won’t call it a big round, yes he clipped Rampage, but Rampage clipped him back. On the ground, Machida couldn’t do anything..and the position was reversed in any case. It was a close fight, but good call by refs, and am happy Rampage didn’t get ripped off this time like with the Griffin fight.

  6. Machida Clearly won, of course if left to the judges it would go to rampage since he is more profitable for the UFC. Shame on you UFC

  7. Rampage won 1st round and second no doubt!
    He won this fight.

  8. what that machida is wanting, not understood until now. He does not have any fighting spirit, he expects the opponent to throw or hit the floor three times without it going up?? Because he does not do anything if you leave the fight on behalf of Machida, are both looking at a guy on the other. Quinton won but they showed more willingness to fight, and the time was up. I am ashamed when I see the Machida fights it, is the typical Japanese loose it.

  9. That was one of the biggest frustrations that the Brazilians had already clearly .. Lyoto won, regardless of his style, punched him, rode, played his style and won .. for me, I do not see more of this crap cfu, for even there’s politics in sport, there is interest on money, and injustice prevailed again …. THAT IS A SHAME …

  10. If you dodge fightin in the octagon then u lose ! machida is boring and ran for the first 2 rounds ! u cannot do that and expect to win the decision ! i hope rampage doesnt go for the rematch and gets the winner of shogun / evans ! i think if rampage turns up he will demolish evans

  11. i like both fighters. Initially I thought the dragon won round 1 and 3. But looking at it again. round 1 was a toss-up like round 2 so it is not crazy to see why rampage won the first two based on aggression and octagon control. Clearly the dragon won round 3. I am happy for rampage, hopefully he gets to fight for the title soon. =)

  12. UFC referees totally sucks. WTF was that???

  13. this talk that rampage won the fight …. how many punches he hit the machida? by chance run behind to punch the opponent is more convincing than punch, knock, build, kick? … this is a fight or to run athletics behind each other … please, cease to be patriotic and be honest … Lyoto was better ….

  14. Rampage Won rounds 1 and 2 . If Lyoto Machida had done enough in round 3 to make it a 10-8 round then it coulda been a win for him or a draw but he didnt . End of story !

  15. Rampage won round 1-2 no doubt! Rampage was more aggressive and had more Octagon control and even controlled lyoto against the fench most of the time dont forget that. Lyoto didnt even try to fight so dont see why ppl try to convince them self that lyoto was the better fighter that night or that he should win. But i must say that when lyoto is attacking hes doing it very well at the right time and have good accuracy but he must be more agressive tho. Rampage deserved that win stop judging with your emotions and be little more objective then you will see the truth!

  16. To whoever said Rampage won is dumb cuz Rampage himself even said he won a contraversial decision and demanded a rematch,

  17. What fucking fight were those blind a-hole judges watching, robbed, even Jackson thought so! Machida was heavily favored to win by the odds makers and Jackson getting the decision was all about some sheisty bastards making money

  18. rampage is back baby he aint going no were! to all the page hatters do the math 2 rounds page 1 round machida the runner.yes he lost the 3rd ok but he controled the fight in 1st and 2nd.he landed more punches and got a take down machida the runner ran around and wanted to counter, how the hell is a judge going to give him the fight. Rampage she never say lets do it again he should worry bout himself and woop the winner of shogun and the untimate wrestler AKA HUGGIES evans. machidas punkass would not say yes to a rematch if he got the decesion.

  19. bugmenow, you got it to the point man!!
    Thats so true.

  20. okay. 2 rounds rampage 1 round machida. split decision is fair. whats the controversy. a UD would have been a little unfair because machida had a really good 3rd..but it wasnt a 10-8… SPLIT decision sounds good.

  21. This is the only way Rampage can win anymore…. via fucking disqusting judges. Maybe Dana pay them out to keep rampage in the game. Awfull !!! Main events have sucked a long time. Wake up UFC!

  22. to be honest neither fighter deserved a win shit fight boring as fuck, ufc can never live up to the hype….EVER

  23. Rampage is the Man!!!!!!!!!!
    Machida ran away all the time like a Bitch!!!
    He deserved the win suckers!!!

  24. I could care less as to who won this ufc. Machita and rampage are both great fighters BUT its fuckin obvious that Rampage was the aggresser in first and second round. 3rd round rampage got his ass kicked but survived so you cant just run away first two rounds and win last round and expect to win!! Judges hate fighters prancing around running and running away…they like to see aggression like the fans. This Is MMA So Buck up panzies. shit can go anyway anytime any round!!…u mfrz alway whine when your boy is favored and dont win.

  25. machida beat rashad,
    rashad beat rampage
    rashad gets a title shot…
    i think the best fight at 205 would be machida-rampage 5 rounds cause that fight was fuckin intense.

  26. if frankie byun aka….the hustler…he’d fuck em all up. Give him a title shot we’ll see…haha bithces!!!!

  27. would everyone quit b*tching! seriously! this fight was not that bad. It wasnt a Mir-Cro-Cop fight was it? No i didnt think so, so it wasnt that boring. Also, Machida lost. Fair and square. All you Machida nut huggers need to lay the hell off. Rampage clearly won round 1. Rampage won round 2, he landed more punches and took Machida down. Round 3 definetely goes to Machida. With that being said, Rampage won. Get over it. People need to stop blaming the UFC for a fight ‘going bad’. That’s all up to the fighters. Stop blaming Dana, and stop saying that your not gunna watch UFC anymore. Cause truth is, you are. And your just one person, so you not buying it is no big deal, your not cool. sorry.

  28. Rampage, my mfkn dawg! Glad he got the W, hopefully it’ll make him hungry for more success. Machida deserved his moniker “La Cheetah” given by Page back in the day and he demonstrated it again by getting on his bike for this fight. Good to see both men be good sports at the end of the match, hats off to both champions.

  29. WTF ! Machida edged it clearly. Machida won round 1 and 3 clear enough. Robbery.

  30. machida won the fight clearly…first 2 rounds were even..the last round was machidas round…all the people hate karate thats what i saw..

  31. yeah, the way MMA is scored presently, I wouldn’t have been surprised if Machida won, and I’m not surprised that Jackson actually did win. I gave Jackson the 1st round, but I’m not surprised that one judge gave it to Machida, b/c it was a damn close round. Jackson won the 2nd, and Machida dominated the 3rd. But the way MMA is scored, I knew that he’d only get a 10-9 score for rd 3, even though he won it by a lot more than Jackson won rd 2. In my won new-schooll mma-scoring, the fight was a draw. But since the judges are going by their stubborn boxing-influenced scoring, I’m not surprised Jackson got the W. Yet another reason for MMA scoring to be dismantled and rebuilt anew. In every single UFC card, there are almost always at least 2 fights that get screwed due to the old-school scoring. Dumb-ass refs & commission.

  32. he won (rampage) pure and simple, just don’t hope that when he said machida is the man that he’s siking himself self out for then rematch, but I’m pretty positive that his coach will make him see the fight and make him see what we saw, that he def, has what it takes to win again, this time finishing it early

  33. what the hell do you all expect from an organization that has wrapped itself around the DUBIOUS auspices of a SCAM called “unified rules”!! What you’ve just witnessed is basically the WORST of “cagefighting” at its finest. 1st off you’ve got that over-sized octagon to contend with; that only encourages fighters the likes of Machida to back-peddle, pock shot & try and steal the fight without ever committing to any real offense. Rampage isn’t entirely without fault as well; but the bulk of the blame should be directed to that criminal reality show of an organization that masquerades itself as real MMA! & that bullshit scoring system! 10point must system??

  34. I respect both these fighters, good fight. Could have gone either way. Sucks that so many fans are idiots & crybabies. Stop your bitching already. If you don’t enjoy the fights, watch figure skating or ice dancing you pussies! MMA = Anything goes. So if someone wants to dance around and play defense and he wins, he just fucking won. You couch potato coaches are sad examples for us fans. Do you cry when in the last five minutes of a football game the winning team runs the clock out.

  35. machida did not win the fight, the first 2 rounds i say went to rampage he was working the most pushing the fight, with the 3rd going to machida. but at the end of the 3rd round it felt like their needed to be a coupple more rounds

  36. WHAT THE FUCK !?!?!?!?
    machida didnt pressure him? in the first round, he kicked rampages leg, and rampage didnt cut distance anymore the whole time
    second round was rampages, he clearly landed more shots too
    round 3 was machidas round without any doubt
    it is unbelievable how fucking shit the judging in mma is
    a pure shame, machida should demand a rematch

  37. Rampage was clearly chasing Machida the whole fight whilst Machida was constantly stepping backwards. whatever Machida did Rampage managed to break free of it…

  38. EVEN RAMPAGE DIDN’T THINK HE WON THIS FIGHT. Did you morons see his fucking face when they announced the winner? It was clear that Machida won this one. Round one was a total boring stalemate. WATCH ROUND 2 AGAIN. Rampage was slightly winning until right at the end, when Lyoto scores BIG TIME. And nobody disputes that round 3 was Lyotos. So that sounds like 2 rounds to NOBODY and 1 round to Machida. Oh well, we’ll see what happens in the rematch.

  39. Yep. Machida, but total RESPECT to Jackson for what he said after the fight. Both great fighters, but once again judges fail to do their job.

  40. this fight is a perfect exemple why a fighter need put a knockout or submission to be sure he won. last year machida won against shogun with that kind of decision, this time he loose, it’s the sport ….

  41. 1. No the ufc didn’t give rampage the win b/c he is more marketable. Judges are from the athletic commision, nice try though.
    2. Rampage looked suprised b/c he was demoralized from the third rnd. He said after the fight he knew he won the first 2 rounds, and his cornermen had told him that aswell during the fight.
    3. machida ran around the ring for 2 and a half rounds, rampage won fair and square. Good job judges.
    4. U MAD

  42. thats what happens when u run all the time like machida.he didnt push the pace and jackson pressured him the whole time and had him backing up the whole fight.rampage won the 1st and 2nd with strikes in the stand and clinch.machida clearly won the 3rd though.and for all u machida fans hoping for this,machida wont be getting a rematch.dana said it at the press conference so sux 4 him.thats what he gets for always fighting to get a decision win and never pushing the pace

  43. Rampage won round 1-2 no doubt! Rampage was more aggressive and had more Octagon control and even controlled lyoto against the fench most of the time dont forget that. Lyoto didnt even try to fight so dont see why ppl try to convince them self that lyoto was the better fighter that night or that he should win. But i must say that when lyoto is attacking hes doing it very well at the right time and have good accuracy but he must be more agressive tho. Rampage deserved that win stop judging with your emotions and be little more objective then you will see the truth! Btw the judges did a great call for once by not giving this to machida. Rampage maybe didnt land many shoots but he controlled him against the fench 4/6times so dont talk about rampage trying to damage hes toes thats just stupid. Be objective next time your trying to judge a match its clear that everybody who is complaining in here are favoring machida

  44. In my eyes jackson won the first 2 rounds and Machida won the 3rd now going to the score cards and that is right folks Jackson won on the score cards. Never leave it to the judges they have rules they score the fight on and Jackson clearly won more points in 1&2

  45. it was a shame … even Quinton believed …. you guys do not respect that? the martial art not the endin it will be a mad desperate up the opponent without having a strategy and tactics … Karate is a martial art, like all Orientals, that uses the opponent’s strength against him .. this is not crazy .. is not a street fight … go first extruded and realize a whole philosophy behind the martial art before you talk crap .. Lyoto Machida is a Samurai and not a gladiator mad … He is our champion ..

  46. You guys need to stop licking out machida’s brazilian ass hole. He lost. MAchida did not land more or better strikes. Got taken down. Rampage controled to octagon in the first and second and was wining the third up til the take down….its as simple as 1st and 2nd to rampage.

  47. I was pulling for Rampage, but I don’t see how he won that fight. I guess its karma though, Lyoto got a gift decision and now he has one go against him. Lets have a rematch, but don’t make it the main event or put on free TV.

  48. @”Stop ass licking”, you do know Rampage himself was shocked at the win and wanted a rematch cuz HE himself thought Lyoto won!!

  49. Wow that was a great fight. Im proud of rampage for wanting a rematch. The judjes panel needs new judjes. Machida has amazing kicks and underated ground game. I like his passing, he should have gained mount however when rampages half gaurd was open. He did gain mount eventually though. great fight

  50. WOW what a horrible decision, Lyoto won that match easily, this is the same problem boxing had when it came to decisions. Refs always screw up what is an obvious win for the other fighter, it goes both ways though lyoto lost I believe two fights ago but the refs gave him the win. Still it’s something that tarnishes sports like these and may become a burden and eventual turn off for viewers.

  51. Yes Rampage was the aggressor, but it was not effective aggression. Lyoto uses countering stick and move, that’s is his style. Great champion boxers fight like this to greatness. Clearly Lyoto won. But again as they say it all about marketing. Rampage was hitting air most of the time, how many champion fights have we saw the aggressor keep pushing the fight but not scoring.

  52. for being the agressor and landing more. RAMPAGE WON…he was just being humble and wanted to knock him out….

    rampage won….lyoto couldnt do much….and should fight….and should his samurai like some people say…..this is a cage…not some movie…..!!!

    rampage is just cool as fuck to say rematch….and to say he got kicked aswell…..but probaly more coz of the audience then being sure he lost….

  53. – Neither first nor second round were dominated by either of the fighters.
    – At the end of 3rd round Machida dominated Rampage.

    With some strange scoring system you might justify Rampages win, but if you just judge the whole 15 minutes based on the hits, control, etc Machida won.
    A few more seconds and Machida might have chocked out Rampage (not entirely sure if the chocke was really effective, though)

    Also Energy management IS a part of fighting.

  54. DAng machida should have finished him in the 3rd round. he had the full mount he should have postured up and won by tko.i still think machida should have got the decision

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